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Helping Employers

How can WorkOne Help Your Business?


In the Crucial Recruitment Area, WorkOne Assists Employers in Finding the Best Fit for Jobs and Candidates

WorkOne's Expertise and Resources Cover Training, Recruitment, Networking, and Targeted Career Fairs, Among other Capabilities

WorkOne Western Indiana can help attract the best-qualified candidates for your open position by assisting in recruitment, screening, and assessment. We recruit in a variety of ways to match your needs, ensuring that we find the right people with the right skills to fit your business operations. Our support of employers includes use of our facilities for screening and administrative help.


WorkOne Western Indiana encourages employers to access Indiana Career Connect.com to post job openings quickly. A robust Internet portal, the website provides access to a host of services tailored to help employers manage and develop their workforces.

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INDIANA CAREER CONNECT Offers More than Job Matches

  • Launched in July 2008, Indiana Career Connect.com (ICC) directs individuals to career advancement tools as well as provide employers with an avenue to conduct important human resources and management functions
  • The website offers a hefty menu of services to employers at no charge
  • Indiana Career Connect.com offers employers the most comprehensive source of Hoosier job candidates
  • The web portal's lineup of services for employers reaches far beyond simply posting open jobs at no charge
  • Free job postings, with access to thousands of Hoosier job candidates.
  • Free customized searches to allow you to find the right candidate out of thousands of job seekers.

Additional Recruitment Services:

  • Free WorkOne staff to assist you in your job postings.
  • Expand your workspace by using WorkOne offices for your recruitment events and job fairs.

Candidate Screening Assistance

Focus on the best-qualified, most reliable job applicants with screening assistance from WorkOne. We will do the work on your behalf to review resumes of candidates based on your goals for a position. We can administer and track testing to ensure job candidates match your requirements at whatever skill level, experience, and work history required. As an employer, you may select from a battery of tests, or provide your own. In building a relationship with you as an employer, we can customize the tests to align with your business.

Candidate Assessment & Remediation

When your business makes use of products such as WorkKeys job profiling, you may get support from WorkOne for training individuals in skills identified as necessary to a specific job. Job applicants or employees can take advantage of computer-based training to build the skills necessary to be successful in the job—and certify having done so. In addition, WorkOne provides one-on-one counseling, resume assistance, and other services to job seekers; in this light, we try to develop a dialogue with them in order to pinpoint just the right candidates for your open positions.

Targeted Recruiting and Job Fairs

Using our expertise and experience, WorkOne can design a job fair specifically for your company and your business goals.

Targeted recruiting becomes critically important when you need to fill multiple positions with the best candidates. You need to quickly and effectivelyFruits of good recruiting: A business Team. narrow the field, and many times you want to meet qualified candidates for on-the-spot interviews. WorkOne offers a variety of effective recruiting tools to target the best-qualified job seekers. These tools include frequent Job Fairs, Workshops and Networking opportunities at WorkOne Centers. Some Career Fairs address specific populations such as Seniors and Youth while others deal with workforce principles such as Diversity. We host events for specific industries including education, healthcare, and technology.


Job Opportunities and Business Services (JOBS) Initiative

Eliminate countless hours of screening potential candidates by letting WorkOne assist you with your applicant pool.
Utilize WorkKeys to assess the skills of your applicants.
Employees' skills and abilities are aligned with their jobs, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Employer Incentives

On-The-Job Training Funds: WorkOne will reimburse up to 50% of eligible new employee wages for on-the-job occupational skills training.
Hire a Vet: By hiring a veteran to your workforce, you may be eligible for tax credits and reimbursements.
Federal Bonding: If you give an ex-offender a second chance, the federal government will insure you in case of any loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty.
Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): Encourages employers to hire targeted groups of job seekers by offering them a federal income tax credit, which can reduce an employer's federal tax liability by up to $2,400 per new hire.

Training: Free online courses

Companies can enhance their workforce by providing training in basic adult education and workplace topics,literacy, and GED preparation and testing. Education and training programs are available onsite either at WorkOne or at our educational providers. Additionally, certain employers may qualify for training grant opportunities.

Reduce turnover by ensuring the employees you hire can do the job.
Boost quality of work and skills of current employees using target instruction.
Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Labor Market Information: Hoosiers by Numbers

Whether you're interested in the latest statistics on pay ranges, job availability and trends, or job applicant characteristics, WorkOne has top-notch analysis and data for you. Employers may choose from a variety of data-rich reports and resources. WorkOne provides local, state, and national statistics and trends through our Labor Market Information section.

Free access to the latest economic data, and the average pay rates and educational requirements for your industry.
Understanding your community better through local demographic information.
Evaluate your competitors through business lookup.

Work Displacement Assistance

As an employer, have you ever faced a seasonal layoff, restructuring, or closure of a facility? WorkOne's experts can assist you in complying with government regulations, meeting business needs, and offering re-employment assistance for your workers. Check out the variety of Layoff Assistance programs.

WorkOne provides a Rapid Response Team to quickly coordinate services and provide assistance to employers and employees to maximize resources and minimize disruptions associated with job loss.

Veteran Services

Veterans get preferences on all jobs posted at WorkOne. Moreover, WorkOne offers special services administered by Local Veteran Employment Representatives, who are onsite at WorkOne, and designed to match U.S. veterans of military service with employers who need these highly skilled and motivated workers. Click on Veterans Services for details. For inquiries about business operations, job profiling, Technical Assistance Grants, and other employer-related matters in Western Indiana, please contact us.