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2017 RFP Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Regarding Indiana Economic Growth Region 7 RFP for Delivery of WIOA Title I Adult, Dislocated Workers, and Youth Services – Release Two for the Western Indiana Workforce Development Board, Inc.

Posted 04-10-17

Updated 4-17-17

NOTE:  Attachment D “Assurances and Certifications” has been updated since the release of this RFP.  The updated Attachment D can be found as part of this RFP currently posted on the www.workonewest.com website. 

NOTE:  Since there was a delay in the posting of Q & A related to this RFP, the deadline to submit questions has been extended until 10:00 AM local time on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

1.    In the board’s WIOA plan, it appears as if the JAG staff are service provider employees and the costs of the JAG program are covered by 70% JAG funding and 30% WIOA In-School Youth. Are we to budget for only the WIOA In-School Youth costs? How do we show the remaining funds needed to cover the costs of all JAG Specialists and other JAG staff?  While most WIOA In-School Youth funding is directed to the JAG program, for the sake of this proposal, assign two-thirds of the In-School Youth allocation to a category simply labeled JAG, and assign the remaining one-third of these funds to allowable In-School Youth activities. Please describe in detail the services of your In-School Youth plan.

2.    The board’s WIOA plan indicates that 25% of WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker funding will be dedicated to training. Are we to account for at least that amount in our budgets? This is a goal set by the board.  Proposals should be submitted in an effort which shows support of using allocated funds in support of training when possible.

3.    Can you provide the current year-to-date WIOA enrollment data by program and estimates of the number of carry-forward participants that will be on board by program as of July 1, 2017? Adult 414 enrolled, DWD 102 enrolled, and 140 In-School and 181Out-of- School enrolled.  Please note, these numbers came out of ICC, so they are as accurate as the current reporting system. The number of carry-forward participants depends on the needs of each unique participant. Twelve month follow-up after exit is required by all programs of all participants.

4.    We have reviewed the service provider staffing as contained in the Region’s WIOA plan submitted to the state. Is that staffing configuration still accurate? If not, can you please provide updated staffing information (number of positions by title)? The service provider staffing configuration in the region’s WIOA plan has had one change; the addition of a staff person to perform RESEA duties.

5.    In the region’s current programs, do In-School Youth/JAG participants receive work experience? Yes.

6.    Can the entire 20% expenditure requirement for work experience be met from the Out-of-School youth budget? Technically, yes.  However, it is hoped that work experience would be provided in such a way that it is available to any youth who might benefit from this activity.

7.    Do any staff costs for the development and management of work experience count toward meeting the 20% expenditure requirement? Yes.

8.    Are you able to tell us why the RFP for these services was re-issued from the prior release earlier this year? No bids were received. 

9.    Are RESEA duties conducted by state employees or service provider staff? Service provider staff.  If service provider staff, will RESEA funds eventually be included in total funding available? If by ”total funding available” you mean RESEA funds available to the service provider, then yes, these funds are currently, and will continue to be passed down to the service provider as long as they are allocated to the region by the state. The board does keep ten percent of these funds for administrative costs related to the program.

10.  Can you clarify the scope of computer and equipment maintenance responsibilities? In particular, we are trying to anticipate the cost and any historical level of expenditure to carry out this responsibility could be helpful, if available. In general, this cost varies from year to year, depending on the need for such services/purchases and available funding.  However, copier leases and the maintenance contracts are the responsibility of the service provider. The maintenance contracts on the copiers in the WorkOne offices currently cost approximately $500.00 per month, and the board would view this as a required cost.  

11.  How many DWD staff to supervise? Seven; this includes two Vet staff. 

12.  How long has it been since IT equipment has been updated? Equipment is updated on a regular basis, as needed.

13.  Does maintenance include servers? Yes.

14.  Current enrollment numbers for Adult, Dislocated Workers, and Youth.  See Question 3.

15.  Copier leases part of service provider responsibility? See Question 10.

16.  Is the executive salary and benefits limit 10% of the dollar amount total for salaries and benefits program on Attachment B? Yes.  Please see definition on Attachment B.

17.  How much JAG funds did you receive in PY’16? The Region 7 state JAG allocation for PY’16 was $406,505.00.

18.  While at the bidders conference the proposed budget changed to $1,100,000.  Can we get a breakdown between Adult, DW and Youth for the new amount?  As a point of clarification, the estimated Region 7 PY’17 budget did not change at the bidders conference. At the bidders conference, it was explained that items such as WorkOne office rent and utilities – which the board pays, along with other expenses would also need to come out of the PY’17 funds, so bidders were given an estimated 1.1 million dollar budget amount to plan for service provider costs during that same program year. Estimated PY’17 program percentages to use for proposed 1.1 million dollar service provider budgets: Adult - 37%, Dislocated Worker – 23%, and Youth – 40%.   


 19.  Can you provide a current internal organizational staffing chart by position?

Current internal organizational staffing chart by position, from top tier to bottom:

1.            System Manager

2.            Senior Fiscal

3.            Fiscal Clerk         

4.            Quality Assurance

5.            Clerk

6.            Workforce Development Specialists (12)

7.            RESEA

8.            Center Coordinator

9.            Assistant Director

10.          JAG Specialists (6)

20. Can you provide an average salary range per position on the internal organizational staffing chart?

Senior Staff: System Manager, Fiscal, Quality Assurance, Fiscal Clerk, Clerk, Assistant Director, Center Coordinator $50,447, including benefits

Workforce Development Specialists: $45,498 including benefits

JAG Specialists: $39,710 including benefits

RESEA: $36,273 including benefits

21. What is the current number of staff employed with WIOA funding? 19

22. What is the current number of JAG employees? 7

23. Approximately how many students are each JAG employee responsible for? 40

24. Approximately how many miles do each JAG employee travel on a yearly basis?  Approximately 2,000 miles on a yearly basis.

25. What percentage of the current year contract is allocated for staff?  66%

26. What is the current number of both In School and Out of School WIOA Youth Enrollments? 

See Question 3

27. What is the average annual number of Youth Exits?  Average annual number of Youth exits based on the last two program years is 125

28. What is the current number of planned adult and dislocated worker enrollments? 

See Question 3

29. What is the average annual number of planned WIOA dislocated worker exits?  Average number of planned WIOA Dislocated Worker exits based on last two program years is 111

30.  How many total clients are currently being served?  See Question 3

31.  How many total clients were served in the previous two fiscal years?   2,931

     32.   Do the current Service Provider staff work 37.5 paid hours per week or 40 hours per week? 37.5

33.   Can you provide clarification on who performs the Basic Level Services Workshops and Intensive Service Workshops.  Is this a service provider level staff person - dedicated staff person or is this a responsibility distributed across several staff? Is this work contracted out to an independent contractor?   If not a service provider staff position can you describe how the services are currently being provided. All current workshops are provided by a combination of Service Provider and Wagner Peyser staff.  The structure for carrying out workshops would be a reflection of the proposal submitted for each individual bidder.